Reflections of Me

I walk into a room filled completely with mirrors, the room shining from glass. Framed with heavy cast iron and brass. Reflections displaying each and every possibility of me. Yet, within’ this room filled infinitely of me. Who I am I’m unable to see. Which leads me to the question,[…]

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I Made It

They say I made it. And that they’re proud. I did it, despite my crowd. I laugh. …Yeah I made it. I made it through lost hopes. Failed dreams. Residual nightmares, memories of alcoholics and crack feins. So stressed, with no escape. Like having no eye lids, in a room[…]

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Tears of The Urban Youth

Dark streets lit by dimming headlights, hanging over head. Heads nod in accordance with beats, roaring from cars passing. Sweat dripping from the heat, the sound of small children panting. Feet pattering, playing on concrete. Slow, a car creeps. The sound of the highway in the background, subtle like soft[…]

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I pick the petals off a rose, asking the questions that rattle my sanity. Is it but a mere thorn, or the path led toward a love lost tragedy. Can I even trust my own thoughts, or will it make me but another war torn casualty. Hiding in a state[…]

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Epiphany: Calm Within The Storm

The lightning crashes, cracks, and booms. The observer is reduced into ashes, with eyes like full moons. And oh what of thoughts, now like typhoons. Free at last, from humanities ignorant tombs. Spread faster than mirages, in a sea of sand dunes. Striking fear from the unknown, like spears from[…]

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Originality Perseveres

Defiant, they fall like the season. Daring to be different, but is this a just reason? Colorful in separation, but refuses to let go. Indifferent to the rain, sleet, hail, and the snow. The original perseveres, though the same just come, and go. And soon enough, awe inspired, the rest[…]

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